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Ascension Global Recruitment acquired the South East of England’s premier office staffing solution. Within this sector we recruit for every office position including: Human Resources, Administration, Sales and Finance as well as entry level positions that include data entry and receptionist roles. 

Our recruitment encompasses the sourcing, qualification, vetting and successful placement of premier office staff which acts as the spine of every successful business. Ascensions database holds an unrivalled plethora of talent that has been built up across many industries and worldwide locations ensuring both our clients and our candidate’s satisfaction.


We have a background in recruiting premier Human Resources staff members for top tier companies, the quality of the Human Resources department can be the maker or breaker of a company so we ensure only the highest calibre of Candidate exacted to our clients specifications.


Administrators are a key component to every successful business and need to be more flexible than any other staff members due to the wide range of duties and responsibilities that can be put upon their shoulders and thus we only supply the most efficient and experienced of administrators.

Sales - close deal

Are these the most important members of a team? Salespeople will certainly agree, whatever side of the fence you sit on it cannot be denied that they bring in the money that no business can survive without. Whether you are looking for a consultative approach or are looking for that assassin that is going to close deal after deal we can provide the member of staff that will make that difference and push you up to the next level.


Without the right Finance team to complement your staff, all the hard work put in by all your other departments could mean nothing, this is the importance of having the correct staff to look after the rewards built up by the front line staff. Responsible, eagle-eyed and frugal are just three of the attributes our finance Candidates will provide to help facilitate the future success of your business.


Entry level staff are the foundations of every success story; we all started in one of these positions! Each Managing Director, each shareholder and Chief Executive Officer started somewhere. Let us provide you with the next Lord Sugar and take away that dreaded feeling of constantly taking people into the boardroom.

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Front desk receptionists play a key role in a wide range of organisations as they often present the first impression of the organisation to clients and customers. The first impression is the most important one, don’t leave anything to chance and let us provide you with the ability to make that lasting impression that is talked about by your peers and rivals.


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As our client, your consultant will have an in-depth knowledge of your industry and sector. They will be able to quickly understand your business model and recruitment needs. Our pricing model is also considerably below industry average with placements from only 5%!!!*


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As a candidate, you will know that your CV is with an agency that recognises your abilities and can place you where your specific skill sets are most in demand. Whether you are looking for an immediate start or to take a step up the corporate ladder.


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