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Ascension Global Recruitment has a specialised section of the business to deal purely with Sales based roles, we can provide a full service providing the best job listings, and a range of industry professionals including Telesales staff, Field Sales, Lead Generation, E-Commerce, B2C and B2B staff to name a few of the positions.

Our recruitment encompasses the sourcing, qualification, vetting and successful placement of premier sales staff which acts as the spine of every successful performance related business. Ascensions database holds an unrivalled plethora of talent that has been built up across many industries and worldwide locations ensuring both our clients’ and our candidates’ satisfaction.

We assist with a multitude of roles permitting to sales. Our in house experts all come from financial sales backgrounds and have a grass roots understanding of what it takes to be successful in performance related positions and each consultant classes themselves as expert sales recruiter.

Ascension as a company can easily assist with business development and growth strategies. Our consultants all regularly partake in their own networking and B2B business development activities. This means they know what is required and class themselves as specialist business development recruiters.

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Ascension strives to help both candidates and clients with marketing vacancies. Our directors and consultants have at least 3 years’ hands on experience in the industry and are building a marketing recruitment desk around them. Our marketing recruiters will understand exactly what is needed both by and for this rapidly changing sector.



E-commerce (EC or electronic commerce ) is the selling or alternatively buying of goods/services, or the transmitting of data and potentially funds over an electronic network, which is of course primarily the Internet. These business transactions occur either B2B, B2C, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business.


B2B is short for “business to business.” It refers to sales made from your business to other businesses, as opposed to sales to individuals. B2C is referred to as “business to consumer” sales. B2B often takes the form of a business selling their supplies/services to another company. For example, a distribution company might sell their service to a clothing and fashion company. Wholesalers often sell their products to retailers, who then turn around and sell them to consumers, so they have a B2B and B2C sale as part of the process. Some business owners prefer a B2C business because they prefer to market direct to the public and believe it provides a larger target market than a B2B business might.

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As a candidate, you will know that your CV is with an agency that recognises your abilities and can place you where your specific skill sets are most in demand. Whether you are looking for an immediate start or to take a step up the corporate ladder.


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